Poem No1

Glimpses of hope and moments of sanity.

Existence in a world of greed and vanity!

The feeling of insignificance is prominent.

My existence is shrouded in the aspersions that are dominant.

The disparaging remarks destruct the vision of hope, Life time of doubts, a fractured ability to cope.



Fantastic Illusion

Succumbed to the temptation that I desperately deny. The feel of euphoria, that seductive high.

The fortress is weakening, the senses are flooded. My perception of reality is distorted and troubled.

I react to the anticipation with a gleam in my eye, dreaming of that moment, that seductive high.

The anxiety dissipates  the demons anticipate; my reluctant return to reality!

The wayward surprise

Traumatised by the thoughts of past behaviours, supported by love and courageous saviors.

Never backing down to the persuasive darkness, supporting their young through uncompromising sadness.

Faced with a demon of a wayward son, spitting evil from a tarnished tongue.

Faced with a son that’s unrecognisable, the tormentor son is undeniable.
A shadow stands before them with a look in his eye, curtailing screams of “DIE DIE DIE”
Who is the stranger that appears before there eyes; he once was their son, the wayward surprise.

Maintain the persistence

I am sedulous in my attempts to fight the encroaching domineering thoughts that attempt to pervade my spirituality.

I explode in a fit of self- deprecation that torments my every waking existence; I am weak, I am ugly, I can never be happy. The quiet one whispers; I am good enough, I am worthy of happiness and I can live a life where the thoughts do not acknowledge the continuing presence of darkness, and let them dominate!

Persistence is key in the continued battle of the two enemies with one heart. The quiet one shall prevail!


Feelings oppress me, the challenge depresses me. I’m lost in a world without the delusion of success.

Haunted by fear deluded by hope, the persistence of doubt is forever present!

The anger drowns me, the thoughts pound me, and the impenetrable barrier is compromised!

The tears flow, the river grows, never to experience the serenity that I desire